Specializing in K9 Detection of Bedbugs

Welcome to SoCal K9 Detection

Here at SoCal K9 Detection we work day in and day out to create the highest level of accuracy in our dog/handler teams.  We strive to detect as little as one single live bedbug in order to prevent infestations from occurring in your home, work place, hotel, cruise ships, hospitals, nursing homes, and more. We offer a duel dog/handler team for double verification and back with sight confirmation.  

We are sensitive to the impact bedbugs can have on a business or homeowner, we take the importance of your personal privacy and the privacy of your business very seriously.  Taking preventative measures and being aware of the early warning signs is the best way to keep potential problems from arising and to prevent an infestation from occurring.  

By using a SoCal K9 bedbug Detection team your chances of finding bedbugs before there is a problem is much much greater than using sight only detection.  Many studies have been done comparing detection accuracy of bedbug k9s vs highly trained pest professionals.  Studies show k9 detection is in the ninety percentile (94%+) while trained pest professionals ranged in the twenty (20%) to forty (40%) percentile.   University of Florida study comparing the accuracy of bed bug dogs against a trained technician shows that dogs were 96% accurate in finding bed bugs compared to 25% accuracy of trained pest professionals.

Other benefits of K9 teams are:  the time in which a dog can detect bedbugs is much faster than that of technicians, zero damage or destruction of property.  Human pest professionals pull up floor boards, carpet, remove outlets/sockets, move and take apart furniture to do their best to detect bedbugs in the tight spaces they reside.   K9/handler teams do not need to take apart or remove anything during a search.  This is the benefit of an acute k9 nose.

We have many options to meet the needs of our homeowners and our business owners.  Feel free to contact us for more information.