Specializing in K9 Detection of Bedbugs

Founder of SoCal K9 Detection, Ms. Bryant started her dog training career based in behavior.  This gave her a very strong foundation in reading body language, modification, and over all state of mind.  She has worked with dogs of every breed and behavioral issues.  Building a dogs confidence, focus, and trust are core elements in developing a balanced happy dog.

To build confidence and focus she would find what the dog loved and build it into their training.  That ranged from scent detection, agility, trick training, obedience, swimming, and so much more.  Giving the dogs a job not only built their confidence, it properly drained a dogs physical and mental energy.  Along with some proper structure and helping a dog to trust, not only it's environment but its handler was what gave dogs the tools to regain a worry free, stress free life again.

Scent/nose work really interested Brandi and she inevitably headed down that road.  Today SoCal K9 Detection is a passion.  She continues her work helping dogs, owners and shelters with behavioral issues saying "it keeps me sharp and is a true love of mine".  She also holds K9 nose work classes for pet owners who enjoy teaching their dogs to search scent.  "All dogs have a love for sniffing, then their are those dogs were scent drives their being."

She has trained dogs in many scents but felt highly trained bedbug detection k9s were in great need.  Areas of SoCal are having a problem with bedbugs, and pest professionals are just not able to consistently show accurate detection of minimal bedbug residents.  This is causing infestation to occur due to non detection of the few.  K9s can detect as little as one or two bedbugs which prevents the devastating infestations before they occur.

Brandi decided to train a dog and began working with home owners, hotel owners and a retirement home.  Within the first year she brought on and trained another k9/handler team and the business continued to grow and is now SoCal K9 Detection.

We are looking forward to the next chapter, the continued relationships we have made help the development of new relationships and the continued growth of our business.  We look forward to working with clients to help keep their homes and business free of bedbugs and to ensure sleeping tight without any bedbug bites.

If you are interested in the pet owner nose work classes please contact us here and we will be happy to get the information to you.