Specializing in K9 Detection of Bedbugs

The accuracy of positive/negative finds is greatly higher with K9 detecters vs human pest professionals.  We will admit it's an unfair comparison due to our K9 partners sense of smell overpowering our own by as little as 10,000 times up to 100,000 times.  

For decades our dogs have been searching and detecting everything from humans to drugs and even early detection of cancer.  Dogs can detect and alert to diabetes, cell phone, bedbugs and much more, and even do this from a large distance.

Several of my fellow Service Dog Trainers training in DADs (Diabetes Alert Dogs) have experienced their dogs detecting a high or low blood sugar from such a distance they feared the dog was false alerting, not the case, the dogs were spot on. Dogs continue to blow the minds of humans day in and day out.  I believe we have not even reached the depth in which our best friends are capable.

You read about the infestation of hotels where on several prior occasions they have had a pest professional confirm there were no bedbugs.  This is the problem, even the best of pest professions are at a huge disadvantage and are fighting against the odds of finding bedbugs at the early stages, prior to infestation.  When not detected early it leads to devastating outcomes.  High costs to eliminate the problem, closing your business while the bedbugs are exterminated, not to mention the huge hit to reputation of even the most successful business.

In short - our dogs nose - KNOWS! In the cases of bedbug detection we can't go wrong choosing a k9 team to ensure we truly get the absolute best and most accurate outcome.   

In long - A dogs nose - Well, I could not have said it better than this article I came across by Peter Tyson.

I really enjoyed it - I believe you will as well, a dogs nose is so interesting.