Specializing in K9 Detection of Bedbugs

Here at SoCal K9 Detection we train our dogs on single odor detection of live bedbugs and eggs to ensure they do not alert to any other scent.  We also proof against odors that would commonly be found in, on and around areas where bedbugs reside.  

With bedbugs solely residing in human dwellings we proof against our dogs alerting to scents such as: detergents, money, human skin cells, perfume, dead bedbugs, and more.  We also work with our dogs to search and find as little as a few live bedbug and in some cases a single bedbug to help ensure we catch the earliest of stages.  If bedbugs are detected, once eradicated we will go back in and confirm there are no live bedbugs.  This is where we do not want our dogs alerting to anything other than live bedbugs and eggs.

Our handlers are also highly trained in k9 behavior and body language to ensure they catch the slightest of signs that the dog may have caught odor.  You will often see a dog turn his/her head, sometime very noticeable and sometimes very slight, this is a sign the dogs nose has gone through odor and his body didn't follow.  Noticing these and other signs is important,  it lets the handler zero in on a location.  Will the dog go back on his/her own and find the odor, if trained properly-yes.  We want the quickest most accurate results therefore the handler has to be just as skilled reading their dog as the dog is finding the odor.

We live, breath and love dogs here at SoCal K9 Detection and it shows in how much our dogs and handlers love their work as well as how happy our clients are.