Specializing in K9 Detection of Bedbugs

Privacy is critical when dealing and working in bedbug detection.  A whisper of a possible bedbug bite can destroy the reputation of the most successful business and keep friends and family from wanting to stay at our homes.  We can't emphasize enough how sensitive we are to your privacy.

Any and all information including names, business names, physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, photos, and paperwork are never shared with anyone or business in anyway.

We choose to enter your premises without logo-ed vehicles or clothing.  Our dogs wear either unmarked vests or vests marked with generic wording such as "working", "Service", "Do not pet", etc.  We prefer our dogs wear generically marked vests to ensure most people do not approach to ask any questions or disrupt our dogs state of work ethic.  

If approached by an individual asking questions of any kind we simply put a smile on our face and reply "Our dog is in service please respect his space, thank you so much".

All our employee contracts include detailed nondisclosure agreements.  We do not permit discussing any information of our clients to anyone including friends and family.

SoCal K9 Detection takes deep pride in keeping your business - YOUR business.